Big Boy gives out Rikki's number on air

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/29/2014 8:57:00 AM

Tyga in Big Boy's Neighborhood for Truth or Dare week

Big Boy had to check in with Tyga for Truth or Dare week and ask him what is really going on with Chris Brown and Drake since they were photographed in the studio together and because Tyga is friends with both of them. Luckily Tyga wasn't hesitant to share the inside scoop. Listen here: 

Big Boy Gives out Rikki's number on air

Truth or Dare week is getting crazier by the day. Today Big Boy dared Rikki to let him give out her real phone number on air. She has been looking for a serious relationship so what better opportunity then giving out her number on-air? Her true love is probably listening live. Listen here to catch it all go down:

Sex Truth or Dare Kickoff Week in the Neighborhood

Posted By: The Neighborhood · 7/28/2014 10:06:00 AM

Truth or Dare week in the Neighborhood

All  week long in the Neighborhood we are playing sex truth or dare and to kick off the week we played a round of 6-6-6, 7-7-7, & 8-8-8. Listen to see how crazy things got in the neighborhood with our sex dares and stay tune all week to see how the rest of the weeks dares get. 

Truth or Dare week in @bigboy's Neighborhood and you can win On The Run Tour tix!Post your video on IG w #WaterWakeUp

— Power 106 (@Power106LA) July 28, 2014

6-6-6 7-7-7


The Truth at Work

What really goes down at your job? Is there any over the top hook-ups, out of control restrooms, or scandals going down? We're sure every job has some. Listen to a few that our listeners had to speak on today.



Truth at Work

What is the truth ...

Cholo Solo Tells Us To Pull Out

Posted By: Big Boy · 7/25/2014 6:32:00 AM

What is the best way to end Big Boy's Beach house week? In bikinis of course! Our girl Rikki Martinez did the news today in her bikini! cheoooow!!!!!!




Cholo Solo is in the Neighborhood telling us how to NOT keep that Summer fling around forever. He wants you to...well, take a listen!


Nicki Minaj peformed in Big Boy's Beach house this AM..what is your favorite Nicki Minaj performance? We love Lookin' ass and her freestyle in the neighborhood!


Roll out! ROLL OUT! Roll Rikki into the hallway...


Usher, Ariana and Jay+Bey Tix!

Posted By: Big Boy · 7/24/2014 6:32:00 AM

We were having some fun this AM with Big Boy's Scrabble Cheez-Its. Too bad we just ate all of them

We LOVE when artists perform with us! Peep the video of Usher performing all the way live with Big Boy in the Neighborhood im Big Boy's Beach House!



Ariana Grande performed "The Way" all the way live in Big Boy's Beach house! Listen below, she is such a flawless singer.


We asked this morning who the biggest "Beach" in your life is! We had A TON of people call of their bosses on social media...not that smart! haha Krystal called out her friend that owes her money yet still goes to the club every night and our social media girl called out her roommate for being a brat any time she has a guy over!


Ice Cube, Miguel, J Cole and a few surfers

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/23/2014 8:33:00 AM

Ice Cube talks new music with Big Boy

Ice Cube checked in to Big Boy's Neighborhood to talk about "Drop Girl" with Red Foo and 2 Chainz. He also talked about his new album, Ride Along 2 and The NWA movie. Listen to the full interview here: 

Miguel Live at Big Boy's Beach House

Big Boy's Beach house continues and Miguel wanted to get in on the summer fun. Our friend Miguel was hanging out at The Beach House and wanted to bless us with "Adorn" LIVE:

Summer Beach House Stories

The Neighborhood wanted to do a little IMPROV in The Neighborhood. There was some fun Beach stories and it ...

Kendrick Lamar Freestyle

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/22/2014 10:22:00 AM

Big Boy's Beach House with Kendrick Lamar

Big Boy's Neighborhood continues with The Beach House Party. Today we had Kendrick Lamar LIVE in The Neighborhood. Watch the live performance here:

 Rules of a summer fling

What are the rules of a Summer Fling? We took calls this morning to get rules of a Summer Fling and then our topic took a turn when it came up how Todd the hater is dating Rikki's sister. It got a little awkward. Listen here: 


JLO live in Big Boy's Beach House 

JLO was live in Big Boy's Beach House performing I luh you Papi. She is the first female at the beach house for the week so far. Louie coulnd't stop thinking about her in a bikini either. Creepy. Listen to I Luh You Papi LIVE right here:

Big Boy's Beach House

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/21/2014 8:39:00 AM

Kanye at Big Boy's Beach House

It's Big Boy's Beach house week and we will be having LIVE performances all week. Today we kicked off the Beach House with a live performance from our friend Kanye West. You might have heard of him. Listen to the live performance here:

Go Punch Yourself


It's summertime and we're sure you've all witnessed some crazy things at your BBQ's, pool parties, and Vegas trips. Things that make you just want to say "Go Punch Yourself!" Like socks wearing socks in the water at the beach? C'mon, go punch yourself! Here's just a few things we heard this morning in the neighborhood. 

& More!

New Music, Working with Pharrell, Finding Iggy Azalea and more with T.I.

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/17/2014 8:32:00 AM

T.I. Hanging out in Big Boy's Neighborhood 

"No Mediocre" has been on repeat for me and when T.I. came in he had to drop some knowledge on what "No Mediocre" means.  Watch here to see T.I. explain what "No Mediocre" is. ----> 

T.I. Explains how he had a proper plan and execution for Iggy Azalea to come out and kill the game. And obviously he had a great plan because it worked. Watch here:

T.I. Talks about working with Pharrell and how Pharrell is one of the top notch producers he has worked with. 

7-7-7 with Mark Wahlberg

Manly Man Week continues in Big Boys Neighborhood. He has yet to win any but today might have been his day. Or Maybe not. Find out here:

Jeff G The Sports Duuuuude at The #ESPYS2014

Jeff G was on the red carpet for the ESPYs but....we're not so sure he was supposed ...

Karaoke with Busta Rhymes!

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/16/2014 8:08:00 AM

Busta Rhymes live in Big Boys Neighborhood

This couldn't have been any better. By far one of the BEST karaoke sessions we've had. Everyone in the room was so hyped, Busta was dancing, Big Boy was on the floor.....FIRE. Watch Busta do live Karaoke with us here:

Getting new music from Busta is always a win. Busta opened up about the process with working with Eminem and Scoop DeVille to make "Calm Down". Watch it here:

Busta had to speak on what he thinks of Kendrick Lamar and how the industry has changed. --->

Mark Wahlberg plays 7-7-7 in Big Boy's Neighborhood

Day 3 of Mark Wahlberg playing 7-7-7 in The Neighborhood and there was a little controversy with today's game. Think he pulled it off for hump day? Watch here: 


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When you think of THOR you may think of Chris Hemsworth, you may think of ...

The Game is going in on everyone!

Posted By: Krystal Bee · 7/15/2014 8:53:00 AM

The Game is going in on everyone on new album

The Game was in The Neighborhood and talked about how he is not holding back on his new album. He's about to go in on EVERYONE. Watch the full interview here:

The Game is known to be very open on social media and he explained why he posts so much and if cares what people think about his social media game. Watch here:

The Game gives his thoughts on G-Unit and 50 cent. Will he ever reunite with G-Unit? Watch here: 

Mark Wahlberg plays 7-7-7

It's Manly Man Week and we have Round 2 of 7-7-7 with Mark Wahlberg. He lost yesterday. Think he pulled it off today? Watch here: 

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