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Posted By: The Neighborhood · 4/7/2014 9:10:00 AM

Jay Z is in The Neighborhood ALL WEEK!

Jay Z was back in the Neighborhood at 820am talking about how awesome it is to get on stage to sold out venues including the Rose Bowl, what hip hop has turned into and the diversity in the audience. He also calls out Big Boy for trying to impersonate him. Jay Z will be in the Neighborhood all week at 820am!! SET YOUR ALARM!! Take a listen to the full interview - - - >



We had another session for ASK BIG, The Great Guru. We opened up the phone lines for all questions. Family, Weather, Relationships…ANYTHING! The Great Guru has answers to all of your wild questions!

Nick Young In The Neighborhood

Nick Young from our L.A. Lakers Nick Young from our Los Angeles Lakers was in the Neighborhood!! Nick talked about his deal with Nike and the perks of being sponsored. Big also put him on the raft with Kobe and Gasol. Nick also talked about which celebrities DON’T have game on the court and who is the biggest sh*t talker in the NBA.


Neighborhood X games

Neighborhood X games went down with Louie G. We took callers who voted either for or against Louie G who was decked out in BMX gear to make it down our neighborhood obstacle course. Tazer guns, punches, baseball bats and medicine balls were waiting for Louie as he tried to make it to the end of the hall. He made it 1 time out of 2. Winners got 2 tickets for “How The West Was Won” with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, The Game and more going down October 12th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


Tomorrow in Big Boy's Neighborhood

Are you mixer or a DJ? Tune in at 720am for our major contest wont want to miss this!

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