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Posted By: The Neighborhood · 10/14/2013 6:10:00 AM

Jay Z in Big Boy's Neighborhood!

Jay Z called in to talk with Big about the impact of his Rose Bowl show, tells Big that him and Kanye has DEFINITELY Spoke about doing a Watch The Throne 2 tour.

When asked about how Kanye in the media affects him since they are friends, he says Kanye hasnt changed since the beginning and that he is very passionate and thats not a bad thing. Kanye takes it to the next level just from being caring and passionate.

When talking about working, Jay Z tells Big that loving what you do is 1st. And when you love what you do it isn't so much "work".

Much like Big said on Monday, Jay says that people don't understand how much Hip Hop has brought people together...all different types of races, sex, everyone around the world. Hip hop is one of the ultimate Melting Pots of music..and hip hop is on top of its game right now.

When asked if there are any rappers out there right now that make him feel like he needs to keep up and be on his toes, he let us know, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole definitely keep him wanting to dominate the rap game.

When asked who the workaholic in the family is, Jay Z says Beyonce by far, she has been busting her ass since she was 16 and continues to be a pefectionist with her career.

 Listen to the interview below


We have this thing we do here at Power called #HaveNoMore's when someone is eating and you go up and slap the food out of their hand. Check it out.


Bye Bye Intern Julian

Our awesome morning show intern Julian brought us Portos on his last day! He helped us so much, answering phones, researching for the show and being all around awesome!


Ladies Love Louie G

Yesterday it was push ups, today its straight flexin. Look at the push ups Louie is doing to keep it sexy!

Next Week in Big Boy's Neighborhood

Rock the Bells is back and Big has your way in!

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