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Opening the sold out show, Drop City Yacht Club set the tone for the night by playing their major summer hit "Crickets' ft. Jeremih, getting the crowd ready for the next act, Trinidad James. These smooth crooners are said to be the perfect hip hop mix of the Beastie Boys meets the Beach Boys, their debut album drops this fall.

 Trinidad James came out decked in gold chains and energy to match, playing all of his power radio hits and them some, he had the crowd dancing to "All Gold Everything" as he slowly walked through the crowd to get closer to his fans. Triniidad was was hanging back stage with Lakers star Derek Fisher and world renowned hip hop artist The Game. Check out the galleries to see all the backstage action.

 Problem, the artist with one of the biggest songs of the year "Like Whaaat" (you can hear the remix of this song ft. Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown right here) came out with a bang. Running back and forth into the crowd and all over the stage, Problem had everyones hands up screaming 'Give A Damn Like Whaaat'. It was funny, during soundcheck for the show he was doind all sorts of acrobatics on stage to prepare himself for the high-energized Power 106 crowd.

One of the most anticipated artists to see live in 2013, A$AP Rocky absolutely killed it on stage at Powerhouse, it was obvious by the crowds reaction that he had a cult fan base in the amongst the audience. Playing his most famous hit to date "Problem" everyone in the arena knew every single word.

 Future came out ready to impress the Power crowd, playing his latest release "Karate Chop" ft. Lil Wayne, the crowd was hyped to see this artist perform all of his hits.

Big Sean had an insane smoke effect during his Powerhouse 2013 set, playing everything from "Guap" to "Clique", he is no stranger to the Power 106 audience. He shut it down and the past Cali Christmas and is definitely an artist that is held in high regard in the hip hop world.

Tyga was telling our boy Mando Fresko backstage after his performance that Powerhouse is his home away from home, headlining our show last year, Tyga is a favorite among the Power crowd. Bringing The Game up on stage to hype the crowd even more, Tyga and The Game ended up getting on their bodyguards shoulders and walking around the venue to finish their set.


Headliner Chris Brown was dang near perfect on stage...but seriously. Hitting every single note WHILE doing intricate dancing AND going super close to the crowd, it was evident Chris was proud to be a part of the huge show. Doing numerous constume changes, Chris kept the crowd pumped by bringing the lovely Nicki Minaj on stage to perform her latest single "High School". Tyga also joined Chris along with Sean Kingston to perform "Beat It". Closing the show with his smash hit of 2013 "Fine China", Chris was the perfect man to  keep people talking about as Powerhouse ended.


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