DJ Vickone has reached cult-status in Los Angeles. From being
the official DJ for the Los Angeles Kings to being the only
DJ who could put it down on The Game’s 2008 release
“Game’s Pain” with Keyshia Cole, DJ Vickone’s name is
synonymous with Los Angeles Cool. Opening for
major acts like Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I., Ne-Yo and
The Game, as well as DJing the NBA Finals for the
Los Angeles Lakers in 2008, it is hard to believe that
DJ Vickone’s start was humble. Begging his mom for
RUN DMC’s latest record, on cassette, as just a small
kid, DJ Vickone caught the DJ bug listening to the
legendary Jam Master Jay’s ferocious scratching.
From that point on, DJ Vickone worked afterschool and
weekends to save up for his very first set of turntables.

What was just a college show mix with his “Do You” mix tape series in 2001, DJ Vickone’s career snowballed by getting press in respected music publications like URB and FRANK 151 and getting hired, for his dream job, at Power 106, Los Angeles’ premiere urban radio station.

Starting in the street team division at Power 106, in 2001, DJ Vickone paid his dues and worked his way up to Big Boy’s Neighborhood in 2005 as the official “Street Guy”. Since 2007, DJ Vickone has become the Syndication Board Operator for Big Boy’s National Syndicated show.

While running the syndicated show, DJ Vickone also mixes live on the weekends on Power 106. He also still makes mix tapes including his extremely popular “Summer Jump Off” and “08 Up” mixes. An old-school vinyl junkie, even though we live in the digital age of laptops and flash drives, DJ Vickone still collects records because, as he states, “I am still a sucker for a good vinyl record.”

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