DJ VICE jumped onto the turntables at the age of 13, his sights then
set on one day riding the radio waves. In 1995, he fell under the wing
of the world-renowned BAKA BOYZ, who at the time had the most popular
and respected radio show in the country. For 2 years, DJ VICE grinded
on their street team, soaking in as much of the music business as he
could, studying which songs worked best when, and honing his DJ
skills in his bedroom in the suburbs. In 1997, DJ VICE finally got his
big chance, mixing on air at POWER 106, Los Angeles' home to hip
hop and R&B. His creative programming and intricate mixing made an
immediate impression and his position as a POWER MIXER was secure,
thus realizing his childhood dream. As DJ VICE's popularity grew, he
ventured out into Hollywood's nightlife arena with a secret weapon: his
vast knowledge of all genres of music. Dancefloors had just started to
become more tolerant of rock music in a DJ's set, and DJ VICE could certainly deliver.

Club owners and nightlife impresarios took notice. He helped launch some of the biggest clubs in North America, with his music, including BODY ENGLISH @ the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, as its Friday Night Resident DJ, and TAO Las Vegas in the VENETIAN as its Saturday Night Resident DJ. Now, his latest feature is as Resident DJ of Ultra-VIP Las Vegas Hotspot, LAX, inside the Luxor, where the PURE MANAGEMENT GROUP chose Vice, referring to him as "The Hottest nightclub DJ in the United States". The status of a DJ is heavily dependent upon which markets he has a presence in, the main ones being Las Vegas, Hollywood, New York, Miami, and Chicago. DJ VICE's grasp on Sin City is evident, but he also holds residencies in these other cities: AREA and ELEMENT in Hollywood, MARQUEE in New York, MANSION in Miami, and RINO in Chicago.

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