Ever "DJ Ever" Martinez grew up in Anaheim, California, about 30
miles South of Los Angeles. He never thought DJing would
lead him to where he is today. Ever's love for the turntable
started in Junior High School. "In 7th grade, we had a
guest DJ play music during our lunch break," Ever recalls.
"I saw him rocking doubles and scratching with vinyl....
the rest is history." DJ Ever got his first chance at Power
106 in October 2006. DJ E-man invited him to do a 2 hour
set on a Friday night. "I'll never forget that night," Says
Ever. "I was so nervous because I knew how many people
were listening, including all the other Powermixers."
Although DJ Ever is the youngest of the Powermixers, he's
been a radio DJ since he was 18.

He started at a local radio station in Riverside, CA. "Mixing on Power 106 is such an exciting feeling. You have to give it your all when on the radio because millions listeners are tuned in...you never know who is listening," DJ Ever says. One of Ever's biggest accomplishments came when E-man asked him to cover his mixes on the Nationally syndicated morning show, "Big Boy's Neighborhood." B.B.N. is not only the number one morning show in Los Angeles, but it can be heard at different stations all over the United States. Ever is known for his clean mixes, composed scratching, and unique, creative style. He works hard on all aspects of the art. "Practice and dedication is the key," he says.

When not mixing on Power 106, you can catch DJ Ever at various clubs in and out of Los Angeles. With his diverse taste of music, Ever mixes everything from hip-hop, R&B, old school, rock, 80s, and house. "DJing in a club is much different than mixing on the radio," Ever says. "People pay to hear good music and dance all night, so it's my job to give them their money's worth." DJ Ever has also performed along side artists like T.I., The Game, Pitbull, Far-East Movement, Daz and Kurupt, T-Pain, and The Pharcyde. Mixing on Power has taken Ever beyond anything he and his family ever expected. You can catch DJ Ever in the mix on Power 106 everyday with Eric D-Lux and weekends during the Cali Mix Weekends. His eclectic sets include everything from Hip-Hop, Pop, House/Electro, Rock, Disco, Soul and Funk, Reggae and R&B. On the turntables nothing is excluded from the mix, and this diversity and creativity has been what has continued to make DJ Los so popular amongst avid club goers and promoters.

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