DJ Echo got his name from two friends, "It was kind of a
spontaneous thing", Echo says. "…my friends didn't
want to put my real name on a flyer and they picked
Echo" And he hasn't stopped since then. A graduate
from Bishop Montgomery in Torrance, DJ Echo
remembers listening to Power 106 while in the sixth
grade. It was his brother that sparked his interest in
mixing. Echo remembers, "my brother was a mobile
DJ and he played clubs, house parties, and
Quinceneras. We had so many whack jobs, checks
bounced, or nobody would show up". Echo and his
brother practiced everyday in their garage, and
would record mixes off the air from DJ E-man to
make sure he could meet the high standards of
Power 106 and come up with his own style.
"At first it was tough mixing for radio, because at nightclub or party you can read the crowd and pick your music based on that". Echo continues, "Here (at Power 106) you don't have that ability, you have to MAKE THE CROWD". His first mix at Power 106 was during Spring Break of '98. To get away from it all, Echo likes to get his drink on, and throw on a beat and cut to it, or come up with some dope ass tracks. Most people would be surprised to know that he collects toys, mostly Star Wars stuff, old and new. "I've got anything from old Transformers, to G.I. Joes, but my most valuable collectable is probably an original Robotech in the box". Echo is using his mixing as a stepping-stone, and would like to someday finish school and get a degree in electrical engineering.

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