DJ Coke-E grew up all over southern California, from Los Angeles
to San Diego. He never imagined that his mixes would one day be
heard in and between these two cities. Coke-E was introduced to
DJing through a high school friend in the south bay area.
"I've been addicted to the turntables ever since I first touched them,"
Coke-E says. DJ Coke-E got his first guest spot on the
air waves when he submitted a demo tape to
Power 106 for the Friday Nite Flavas show. "I'll never
forget the call I got from E-man telling me that he
liked my tape and inviting me to do a 30 minute set
on the radio", Coke-E recalls. Being persistent
thereafter paid off for Coke-E when he was
eventually hired as a Powermixer for the Cali
Caliente mix weekends.

"Mixing on Power 106 is the best high in the
world... you always have to put 150% into
everything you do when you mix on the air
because there's almost 2 million listeners tuning in every time."

DJ Quik happened to be one of the listeners tuned into Coke-E on Power 106 during a Christmas mix weekend back in 2001. Quik called the station when Coke-E was spinning and asked him to be his DJ. "I was shocked that DJ Quik liked my set. He asked me to meet him the next day and I did... ever since then I've been his DJ." Soon after, Coke-E appeared on television on BET's Rap City in 2002 with DJ Quik and Hi-C. He also appeared on Soul Train and The Jay Mohr Show on ESPN as Quik's DJ. Mixing on Power 106 has taken Coke-E beyond anything that he ever expected - from televison to travelling across the country as DJ Quik and Hi-C's DJ.

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