Originally from El Salvador, Wendy immigrated to the
United States as young girl escaping El Salvador’s civil war.
“Everyone has a story,” she says, “It’s what you do with your
journey that makes all the difference.”

Her studies have taken her to United Nations, the White House,
and various cities around the country. In 2008, Wendy was
selected amongst a national competition to represent young
Latinos at the Democratic National Convention for SiTV and Voto Latino. She was featured in CNN’s Latinos in America, in Cuentame’s Latino Voices, and her website was featured in Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the most influential pop culture and political blogs in Los Angeles for young people. In 2010, Wendy was recognized as “Woman of the Year” by State Senator Gloria Romero for her work in using media to promote awareness and political activism.

Wendy grew up listening to Power 106 and in 1993, she saved enough money to buy her first CD boom-box with tape player where she recorded (and still has!) the Power 106 Workout at Noon Mix! Set you freeeee, set you freeeee…

Knowledge is Power (K.I.P) is Power 106’s community hour hosted by Wendy Carrillo. K.I.P is an open dialogue with experts where issues ranging from health, education, politics, gangs, youth in prison, the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their impact on our communities are discussed. Wendy opens the phone lines to Power 106 listeners to contribute to the conversation and not only discuss the issues, but come up with creative ways to find solutions and get involved. In her “Hold Them Accountable,” segment, elected officials ranging from school board members to members of Congress have discussed what they are doing to improve our neighborhoods and quality of life.

Is there something going on in your community you want to talk about or have a question or comment on a show? Send Wendy a message at wcarrillo@power106.com

Follow Wendy Carrillo on Twitter at twitter.com/wendycarrillo


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