Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Mando Fresko is
one of the city’s top tastemakers currently heard on the
nation’s biggest hip-hop station, Power 106 FM in Los Angeles.
Because of his incredible party-vibe energy along with his
comedic personality, over two million listeners tune in daily
to hear his show entitled “The Mando Show.” Music has
driven Mando ever since he was young as he started DJ’ing
at the early age of fourteen. All throughout high school, he
performed in talent shows and Deejayed at school dances.

During college, he attended a Television & Radio program where he
continued making a name for himself with his high-rated radio show,
which broadcasted on campus and on the web. His buzz was so big
that he attracted listeners from Australia, Puerto Rico, and even China.
At the age of 20, his next move was to Los Angeles’ hip-hop radio station,
Power 106 FM. There, he began in the promotions department and later made his way into becoming the youngest on-air radio personality in station history. Mando has hosted every time slot from mornings to nights and has interviewed everybody from Kanye West to The Goo Goo Dolls. He fell in love with the power of the microphone and can now be seen on stage entertaining crowds of over 20,000 people and DJ’ing at the hottest clubs in Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta, and Tokyo.

In early 2007, Mando hit national television airwaves as VJ and on-set DJ for LATV Live. In addition, because of his great ear for picking hits, he also attained the position of music coordinator for the LATV network that reaches over 43 million homes. Besides maintaining valuable relationships with leading artists and being successful both in television and radio, Mando has recently taken the role of a fashion designer. With his entrepreneur mentality and vision for fashion, he currently is developing and collaborating with the Internationally renowned clothing brand, Orisue.

Furthermore, in 2010 he is scheduled to make his acting debut on the big screen, playing a lead alongside Edward James Olmos.

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