Big Boys Neighborhood, 5a – 10a


Monterey Park, East L.A.


June 8, Gemini ….That’s riiiiight!!!


Single. Need I say
more? I know this
sounds cliché but
I don’t have time to
really “get to know”
someone like that.
Don’t get me wrong
That doesn’t mean
I don’t have fun ;P

I Love:

My family & friends of course! Going on adventures; Bike riding, hiking, swimming, snow boarding. Going out. I enjoy a night out with friends. A few drinks (tehehe)& drinking games. I also happen to think I’m an amazing dancer after a few cocktails. If you catch me on the dance floor, BEWARE! USC Football & Dodger baseball. Grew up a huge fan of both. Things haven’t changed. Thank you Dad!!!

I Never Miss:

USC Football games & Dodger games. I try to go to as many as I can.  Going to lunch/dinner with my parents at least a couple times a month. I’m very close to my parents. Catching up with them is a must!!!


A guy that can’t be silly with me. I am silly 99% of the time. If you are “too cool” for that it’s an automatic fail.


So much to list. Aaliyah, J. Cole, Ryan Leslie Big Sean, John Legend, Kanye, Common, Tyga, Usher(old & new), Chris Brown & Ne-Yo. To take it back a bit, I am always in the mood for some Earth, Wind & Fire, Gap Band & Kool and the gang. To name a few!

Vacation Spot:

Anywhere tropical! I love warm weather!! Bikini wearing, sun tanning, pina colada drinking places. I have yet to travel to Europe so that is definitely on the list also.


I would love to buy my parents a house.

Favorite Movies:

Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx tale ….most gangster films. Again, thank you Dad!! I’m also a huge Adam Sandler & Will Ferrell fan so mostly all of their films as well.


As far as watching sports - USC Football, Dodger Baseball, Lakers and Jets & Raiders(Yes, both). As far as playing sports – Waterpolo, Swim & Snowboarding

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