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Celebrities That Are Helping The Flint Water Crisis

Look Who Is Lending A Helping Hand Below:

Flint, Michigan is in a state of emergency due to the lead poisoning of children and infants from the city's tap water. Although, Governor Rick Snyder provided a statement apologizing to Flint residents yesterday, the problem with the city's water still continues to deteriorate. Many are asking Snyder to resign because of his lack of action toward the issue. He is now asking the state to spend $28 million dollars to fix the ongoing matter.

Many celebrities including Hip-Hop moguls have taken to Social Media to talk about the Flint Water Crisis and even a couple have donated their time, money, or ideas to help fix the cause. Among these are Big Sean, Meek Mill, Cher, Michael Moore, and more. Below is a list of celebrities and how they have personally helped the cause in Flint, Michigan.

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Big Sean: He started the #HealFlintKids Fundraiser with Crowdrise and jumpstarted it with $10,000 of his own money.

Cher:  She has linked up with Icelandic Glacial Water to donate more than 180,000 bottles of water to people in Flint.

Michael Moore:  He has established over 123,000 signatures in an online petition to ave Governor of Flint, Rick Snyder, arrested.

Meek Mill: He has donated $50,000 to help bring clean water to the city even challenging his rival 50 Cent to help out as well.

Below are some notable quotes from Celebrities taken from Social Media:








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