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#TheCruzShow was All Over ‘More Life’ + Krystal Bee v Lechero

What are your thoughts on the new album?

Photo credit: Getty images/ Justin Sullivan


Drake’s latest project More Life dropped this past Saturday and #TheCruzShow was all over it.  DJ E-Man played multiple songs off of the album, as Krystal Bee blew up her timeline with their favorite songs.  Even though it seems like Drizzy gets a lot of love from the fans, he also gets a lot of haters.  People called in to let #TheCruzShow know if they’re here for Drake or over him.  In addition to Drake’s new music, Krystal and Lechero’s clapback party was popping all morning.  It seems like they’ll never get along!  Also, Van from TMZ checked in with #TheCruzShow to give some details on Khloe Kardashian.  In case you missed anything from this morning, check it out below: 


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