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FREE FM Radio On Your Phone - NextRadio App

There's a new way to listen to POWER106 for FREE with No Streaming or Subscription fees. NextRadio app! Check it out on www.nextradioapp.com Data Rates May Apply.


Listen to Power 106 on the go with NextRadio! Tune in without the hassle and cost of streaming music. Get song information and artwork as you listen, so you can buy your favorite music, give feedback on the songs you like, and share what you're listening to on Facebook or Twitter. 

NextRadio is now available on select smartphones from Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. The HTC One M8 is supported across all carriers. For a complete list of supported devices, visit the following link:


Look for more smartphone releases with FM support in the coming months.

Key Features:

* Tune in to local FM stations on your phone
* Find radio stations by genre or frequency in the Guide
* Uses 90% LESS data than streaming music (Data Rates May Apply)
* Get 3X BETTER battery life compared to streaming music

Note: NextRadio uses the cord from your headphones or an auxiliary cable as an antenna to receive local FM radio signals. The app features the option to send audio to the phone's speaker if you'd rather not listen through headphones, but the cord must remain plugged in to receive FM signals.


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