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Fergie Talks Mustard, L.A, Kendrick and Nudes

She's BACK

Fergie came to the Neighborhood to talk about her comeback! She got married, became a Mom and took a small break...but what made her want to release music after a hiatus?

Let's dive right into the music, when Big Boy asked her WHY she chose an LA anthem and to work with LA based producers, she said:

"I am a student, I study the evolution of music, from Kendrick to Mustard, LA had an explosion. I needed to be a part of it" 

When we heard the LA Love song, we had to ask MORE. Fergie explained she has been in her cave for a while, studying and watching. She has been monitoring social media and seeing the LA movement, she felt so proud and needed to do this anthem.

See what she had to say to Big Boy Below:

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