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Drake Says Kendrick Is Legendary

While At OVO Fest, Drake Praises Kendrick Lamar

Ok, so a few weeks ago when Drake came out during J.Cole's "A Dollar and A Dream Tour" in Los Angeles, he made a statement that seemed like it was directed right at Kendrick Lamar.

"There's only two kings in this shit right now," Drake said, "They're standing on this stage." 

 This was when only Him and Cole were on stage. Well, last night at OVO fest things changed a bit, Drake said this:

"While I got you here on stage," he said to the crowd, "While you all got your phones out. I want to shout out my nigga, Kendrick Lamar. Shout out to Kendrick. Kendrick was on my album. We went on tour together. That’s one of the hardest niggas alive right there. He’s legendary. He should be standing right there. There's a lot of kings in this shit." 

I love hearing this! The two biggest names in rap right now being friendly. Yes, I know we all have feuds and people feed off of fighting and drama, but think of it this way, the nicer they are to each other the bigger chance we have of them collaborating on a huge hit! And maybe a tour...YOU NEVER KNOW!!!



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