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Drake’s Fans Are Accusing Him of Islamophobia

That’s not a good look.

Photo credit: Getty images/ Kevin Winter 


Drake has been extremely busy on his Boy Meets World Tour in Europe.  In some of his concerts, he has previewed new music and spilled some details about More Life, brought out Travis Scott (then refunded the audience due to La Flame’s small mishap), hinted at a Young Money reunion show, and called out the U.S. President.  Now, the Canadian rapper is making headlines again but for some bad rep.  During this particular concert, Drizzy was shouting out people in the crowd and got into some trouble after he told a fan to take off her “hot ass scarf.”  "You got on that hot ass scarf right there, you might wanna take this off.  You gotta turn this muthafucka up.  You gotta come out of that shit,” he told the female fan.  

Although this statement could be disrespectful and infuriating, there has been no confirmation that the “hot ass scarf” was a hijab.  The 6 God does not mention the word “hijab” at all, but fans are quick to assume that it was.  Because of this, he is receiving major back lash on Twitter.  He has yet to comment on that situation. 


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