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Dave East and Baby Mama Argue About Loyalty via Instagram

Grab your popcorn.

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Dave East and his ex/baby mama Millie Colon were going at it on social media yesterday.   It doesn’t look like they will be civil anytime soon!  In a recent Instagram post, Millie sparked rage from her ex with a graphic that said, “There’s something wrong with our character if opportunity controls your loyalty.”  Dave commented on the post saying, “Loyalty [*laughing emojis*] U Don’t Know What Means Look It Up.”  Mille quickly clapped back by shooting her comment: “how about u go look up the word FAMILY then hit me up when u find the actual meaning.”  Grab your popcorn because it gets better.  East then proceeded to reply with a message, calling Millie out on her Instagram flex.  However, she threw shots after she made a point that East was on her Instagram “talking slick.”  

According to In Flex We Trust, Dave and Millie have had a rocky relationship.  Their daughter, Kairi Chanel, is turning one year old soon, so hopefully they patch things up before she gets any older.  

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