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10 Best J. Cole Lyrics on ‘4 Your Eyez Only’

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J. Cole’s fourth album was released last year and features deep and heartfelt lyrics that talk about real life issues like police brutality, Black Lives Matter, death, love, and more. He put his heart into this album, so we can only imagine what it would be like to hear J. Cole perform these songs live.

Check out some of J. Cole’s hottest lyrics on ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ 


1. From “Neighbors”

“My sixteen should've came with a coffin 

F--k the fame and the fortune—well, maybe not the fortune

But one thing is for sure though, the fame is exhausting”


2. From “She’s Mine Pt. 1”

“Every time you go to sleep you look like you in Heaven 

Plus the head game is stronger than a few Excedrin 

You shine just like the patent leather on my new 11's 

You read me like a book like 

I'm the Bible, you the reverend”


3. From “4 Your Eyez Only”

“This is hell and I don't mean that hyperbolic 

I try to find employment even if it's wiping toilets 

But these felonies be making life the hardest 

Resisting the temptation to run up and swipe a wallet"


4. From “Change”

“Yeah, my intuition is telling me there'll be better days

I sit in silence and find whenever I meditate

My fears alleviate, my tears evaporate

My faith don't deviate, ideas don't have a date”


5. From “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

“The bells getting loud, ain't nowhere to hide 

Got nowhere to go, put away my pride 

Tired of feeling low even when I'm high 

Ain't no way to live, do I wanna die?”


6. From “4 Your Eyez Only”

“My definition of a real n---a was skewed 

My views misshaped by new mixtapes 

That confirmed the shit I learned in the streets was true 

That real n---as don't speak when they beef with you 

They just pull up on your street, let the heat achoo”


7. From “Immortal”

“Have you ever seen a fiend cook crack on the spoon?

Have you ever seen a n---a that was black on the moon?

Have you ever seen your brother go to prison as you cried?

Have you ever seen a motherf--ckin’ ribbon in the sky?”


8. From “Foldin Clothes”

“Foldin’ clothes, watching Netflix

Catching up on our shows, eating breakfast

Raisin Bran in my bowl with bananas and some almond milk

I never thought I’d see the day I’m drinking almond milk”


9. From “Deja Vu”

“I heard you got a man, but who in their right mind letting you out the house alone?

Tell me is your house a home?

Why you in the club looking like you out to zone?

I be discreet and pull out your phone and put my number in it”


10. From “Change”

“It’s either that or they be fearing they gon’ go to hell

Asking the father for forgiveness

God I’m overwhelmed

As if he’s spiteful like them white folds that control the jail

See I believe if God is real, he’ll never judge a man

Because he knows us all and therefore he would understand”

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