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XXL Magazine Profiles DJ Carisma

One of the West Coast's Most Formidable Ladies in Music Opens Up About How She Got Started

DJ Carisma always puts on for the West. Originally from Santa Ana, Calif., the 25-year-old Power 106 personality is Los Angeles’ ear to the streets. Coming up as part of the radio’s street team called the Flava Unit, Carisma impressed Power 106’s PD/Music Director E-Man who gave her a shot at mixing on air. After she passed the test, Carisma earned her spot at Power 106 as someone who isn’t afraid to show the diverse culture her city represents. 

From breaking artists on air to discovering new ones, Carisma continues to push the Young California movement to the top. If anyone is going to shine a spotlight on the West’s up-and-coming talent, it’s Carisma. She’s responsible for getting hip-hop heads to pay attention to guys like New Boyz, TeeFLii, and Ty Dolla $ign. Her track record is pretty on point. Which is why she feels its ready to give more artists a platform on her debut album tentatively out Sept. 29.

The first single “Anyway,” a bouncy, dance-ready anthem, is already taking off. So with all these things going her way, we reached out to Carisma to talk about her early beginnings, staying in tune with music that’s bubbling, artists to watch out for in the West, and who she’s feeling on the other side of the States.- Eric Diep 

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