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Power 106 Exclusive Interview: Common

Common: How Rap Music Can Help Those Struggling, End Violence + Build Social Awareness

Common Talks about  how African Americans are struggling and how he's building awareness of the growing epidemic black-on-black and gang violence in the Midwest. The violence in Chicago is astounding, it's something that even Elam Ferguson may cower at before he comes out guns blazing to stop. Common, after three successful seasons of Hell On Wheels, begins to speak about how his 10th album and his foundation, Common Ground, is chaning the lives of inner city youth. 

In this part of the interview, Common tells artists how to maintain their cultural relevance. "I'm a hip hop artist first, I love the culture of hip hop, the life. You continually have to reintroduce yourself as an artist because younger generations will not know who you are" he says. His work with 80s Concaine and No ID help him connect to younger generations. 


Notorious B.I.G was a great storyteller. "I Used To Love Her" on Resurrection is nearly two decades old. Common talks about the honor and gift of working with Biggy. No one know who Common was then, Resurrection was an introduction. Biggie dug the song as he spread outside Chicago. The evolution of Resurrection to Nobody's Smiling. 

What do you think of the new song? Check out Leak of the Week or download the song on iTunes. 


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