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LL Cool J Talks G.O.A.T. 2 and Def Jam 30th Anniversary

Speaks On 4 Decades of Music

LL Cool J's new album G.O.A.T is coming out soon and he needed to come by and tell Big Boy what is up! LL came in and explained the importance of radio in his music and the impact it has had on him since the start of his career.Sometimes we forget he has been relevant for over 30 years because the man looks so damn flawless.

LL touches on music being his first love and that his greatest joy is hearing his music on the radio. Oftentimes for him it's a step above a movie premiere! Music was his first love and he lets us know you can't walk away from something you love.

When asked why NOW to start making music after a long hiatus, LL says:

"It's time for me to do an album, when you have teens come up to you asking you if you make music and being surpirsed by that... Made me want to do it again. I've been relevant for 30 years. I'm in my 4th decade"

Watch the interview below and hear LL talk about Def jam 30th anniversary, opinions on new school music, Robin Williams and more



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