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House Of Blues Sunset Shutting Down?

H.O.B Sunset To Be Torn Down So Hotels Can Go Up.

Image Courtesy of FOX NEWS Los Angeles


WOW, Just saw this pop up on my facebook feed and almost freaked out. First the iconic Gibson Theater gets shut down for Harry Potter Land and now THIS for Hotels? 

Word is Live Nation is losing money on this venue (which makes sense) and that they are pretty much forced to shut it down. I drive past this venue every single day on my way home and I never really see any major headliners play there...biggest act I have seen is YG. It does make sense and money is first but this really is a bummer. I have seen so many shows here, I have lined up outside this venue numerous times waiting for bands to come out and now it's all going to get torn down.

Have you seen a show here? What was your fondest memory of this venue?



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