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G4SHI Performs "Who Made Me" on Power 106

Rapper to Watch: G4SHI

G4SHI (pronounced Gashi) is originally from Kosovo, but is now based in Brooklyn, New York. The 28 year old rapper, was a refugee most of his life. He has overcome hardships such as homelessness, having to learn English, and living in 24 different countries in a short amount of time. 

G4SHI stopped by to perfrom 'Who Made Me' and explains the meaning behind the track.



"The reason why this song meant so much to me is me just trying to teach my peers like, there are blessings around the corner." 


The rapper dropped out of college to get serious with his music career. G4SHI decided to sign with Roc Nation because Jay-Z is his favorite rapper and he wanted to go home to Brooklyn



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